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Penile Injection Therapy For ED Instructions


Penile injection therapy is easy to learn, and the inject-erect device makes it even easier to perform. In order to perform penile injection therapy, attain a refrigerated vile medication, wipe off the top to keep its contents tear when drawing up the medicine, remove the caps from the single use syringe. Syringes and needles should only be used once. Your doctor told you how much medication to inject. So drawback a little about an equivalent amount of air, insert the needle into the rubber stopper of the cap, inject the air and then draw back slightly more than the intended volume that you’re going to use. This allows you then flush it back to release the air bubbles. Once you’ve drawn back the amount of medication your doctor has prescribed, take the needle and syringe and place it on a flat surface, so that the needle remains clean.

Now it’s time to prepare an inject-erect penis enlargement device. First, the device must be cocked, take the skinnier end and push it into the wider end until it snaps and now it is cocked. This is the discharging mechanism. With the device cocked you can now insert the syringe into the skinnier housing. Then attach the two components together. Once the item is assembled, it’s ready for use.


Select an appropriate area for injection on your penis. Holding the penis and stretch, use a dominant hand to wipe off the side of the penis. The correct area for injection is the side of the penis shaft. Never on the bottom, where the urethra runs because it won’t be effective and it will cause bleeding in urine and never on the top, where the deeper nerves and blood vessels run.

Once the appropriate side has been selected and sterilized with the alcohol pad, simply take inject-erect, position it where you like, press a button, not only has a needle been inserted but the plunger has been depressed as well. Remove the inject-erect, set it down and hold pressure on the side of injection for two minutes with an alcohol wipe. If an erection lasts more than three hours, seek medical attention.

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